Liive – Rap Choice (Lacey)

  1. My Word
  2. Mothers Lose Ft. Guts
  3. Fight
  4. Be About It
  5. Get Up
  6. Time It Iz
  7. Hustlin Everyday
  8. Blame Rap
  9. Mind 2 Work
  10. Eazy Talkin
  11. War Cadence
  12. Call Em Out Ft. $a$h
  13. Too Much (Booty)
  14. Love U Boo
  15. Battle Snake (Shake It)
  16. Easy Mane

As far as I can tell this is Liives only release, there is nothing about him on the ‘net. I’m assuming this is 2008/2009, as I picked this up in Olympia about that time. He also has a song, Be About It, on a Young Sash compilation from 2009.

Emperor P

Emperor P – Gangsta Life (Seattle, 1999)

  1. Terrace Records
  2. The Game
  3. Bread & Butter
  4. Shake It
  5. On The Corner
  6. There B’s
  7. Gangsta Life
  8. No Return
  9. Realize
  10. Hustling
  11. I Ride
  12. South To The CD

Emperor P – Suspect (Seattle, 2004)

  1. Intro
  2. Possessed
  3. Face And Mind feat. Napoleon & Jesse James
  4. Pop It
  5. Baller Blockin feat. B-Legit
  6. Mobbed Out
  7. For My Homies feat. AP.9 & Mississippi
  8. In The Jailhouse feat. J.Slick & Jesse James
  9. What Goes Up feat. Tina Ray
  10. 50 A Spiff feat. Killa Tay & Marijuana
  11. Up Jump My 9
  12. Strugglin In The Streets feat. Tonya Fraiser
  13. On The Scene feat. King George
  14. Notorious Mob Man feat. J.Slick & Gangsta J
  15. Suspects feat. AP.9, C-Bo, Mississippi

Emperor P is the founder of Terrace Records. Members are called ‘Terrace Troops’ and consist of Marijuana (aka Lee), J-Slick, Jesse James, Gangsta J, F-Lee. I believe J-Slick is the same Slicc Pak from Slicc Pak & Blacc Jacc as there seems to be a connection with the same artists and cameos. Emperor P also released a promo CDS called, The Game. If anyone knows anything about this release or has it, hit me up!

Slicc Pak & Blacc Jacc

Slicc Pak & Blacc Jacc – Game’z Over (Seattle, 1999)

  1. Gotcha Bacc
  2. Gamez Over
  3. West Coast Gz (feat. Emperor P & Marijuana)
  4. 206 Ridahz (Gangsta J, Slicc Pak, Mr. Major & Blaccjacc)
  5. Got Tha Heat (feat. 206 Ridahz)
  6. Wrecc Shit

You can find pretty much every song on the net, I linked up em all up for ya including one of my own uploads (shameless plug). While you can find the songs, trying to find the album or info on these guys isn’t that easy.


Vehement & Taylor Mosley – 7 Track CDr (Seattle, 2007)

  1. Vehement – Groove U Like
  2. Taylor Mosley – Shake It Fast
  3. Vehement – Thats Whats Up
  4. Vehement – Hotness
  5. Taylor Mosley – Heart Of Mine feat. Vehement
  6. Taylor Mosley – Fill Me Up
  7. Taylor Mosley – Dream

Vehement has one proper release, This Is Me, on New Ground Records in 2006. In 2007 Taylor Mosley co-founded New Ground Records along with his brother Joshua Mosley, Jordan Mosley and brother-in-law David Twehus. New Ground went on to have many successes and was a dominant force in the Seattle music scene and culture. If you like what you hear, you can buy “This Is Me” on Amazon.

Knox Family

Knox Family – Knox Family EP (Seattle, 2009)

  1. News Flash Skit
  2. Make Love
  3. Interlude
  4. Boots Laced
  5. Run Up
  6. Born Bad Skit
  7. Couldn’t Handle That
  8. Snake Skit
  9. World Turns ft. Rufio
  10. These Streets ft. Toni Hill

The track, ‘These Streets’ was also on the 23rd & Union Soundtrack.

Pick up the Knox Family album here at Bandcamp.

From Seattle Weekly:

The Knox Family: Natural Born Thrillers

The Knox Family: Natural Born Thrillers

This hip-hop trios out to crush the box you put them in.

Musicians can sometimes be too quick to box themselves into categories. Sometimes that’s a record label’s doing, other times it’s just mental laziness. But if you’re not trying to conform to industry standards and are lucky enough to be on a local label that understands you, why not have fun and smash all the boxes you can?

That’s a question MCs Jerm and Julie C started asking themselves a year ago when they formed the Knox Family along with local producer/label head DJ B-Girl. Although all three are involved in various other projects—Jerm also fronts Helladope, while Julie C works with Hip-Hop Congress/206 Zulu and DJ B-Girl heads an indie-media company—they found time to record songs together with the intent of challenging the expectations of Seattle’s hip-hop audience.

“We want to change the boxes that have been created around the genres within hip-hop,” says Julie C. “We’re trying to break down certain paradigms, but also not be too preachy about it either.”

She and her crew spent the last year slow-cooking a new album entitled Knox Family EP, which hits local stores this week. The disc contains seven songs and three skits that touch on the fun side of hip-hop through witty rhyming patterns and laid-back, almost hyphy-like West Coast production. But it also delves into the darker side of having to hustle to pay the rent in Seattle. “Boots Laced” bluntly sidesteps bling and bravado, speaking honestly from the perspective of two broke rappers trying to make it, while”These Streets” talks about local policies affecting communities of color.

“Some of our tracks aren’t exactly ‘Kumbaya’ or peaceful,” Julie C says. “They’re more about ‘This is what’s going on in the streets, from the Central District to the South End or wherever, and this is why.’”

The trio takes the name Knox Family from Mickey and Mallory Knox of the film Natural Born Killers. “We feel like we’re naturally born to kill the game,” Julie C adds. “We’re trying to actively shape the next phases of hip-hop through our music, and this EP is a big part of it.”

From Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner:

Breakdown FM: The Knox Fam-Destroy to Build



The Knox Fam consists of Seattle Hip Hop mainstays, Julie C, and Jermz from the super group Alpha P and well known producer DJ B-Girl. They came together to not only drop a nice album, but to also add to a serious community movement that the city’s Hip hop community has been sparking.

by Davey D

The Knox Fam consists of Seattle Hip Hop mainstays, Julie C, and Jermz from the super group Alpha P and well known producer DJ B-Girl. They came together to not only drop a nice album, but to also add to a serious community movement that the city’s Hip hop community has been sparking.

In other words Knox Fam are not simply rappers who are looking for commercial airplay or BET love. Sure, they’ll take it if offered. And they are more than talented to deserve it. However, what stands out first and foremost for the group is that they are community activists and organizers who are part of a larger more vibrant scene. Its not good enough to just flow on the mic. Nowadays many of the city’s heads are knee deep involved with some sort of organization or project. Maybe its 206 Zulu which has one of the larger and more exciting annual celebrations. Maybe its Hip Hop Congress which has Seattle as it the site of its conference later this year (July 29-Aug2). Maybe its community outlets like Umojafest Peace Center or B-Girl Bench. Whatever the case for many in Seattle, Hip Hop is beyond music and the Knox Fam personifies that.DJ B-Girl

DJ B-Girl

During our interview we kicked things off by talking with DJ B-Girl about the Seattle sound which has come along long ways since the early Sir Mix-A-Lot days. She explained that her production skillz and the Knox Fam has added to the underground sound as defined by stellar names like Vitamin D, Jake One, Blue Scholars and Gabriel Tedros to name a few.

We spoke with Jermz about the influence his two female counterparts Julie C and B-Girl have had on him. In an industry that is often criticized for being too male dominated, Jermz explained that the two forced him to step up his game and become more polished. He also talked about how he has built upon life experiences and reflect them in his rhymes. You’re not likely to hear him rhyming for the sake of riddling.

Later in the interview Julie C and B-Girl spoke about the strong presence of women in the Seattle scene. Julie C noted that many, including herself had been flowing and getting busy long before it became a trendy thing to focus on.. DJ B-Girl rattled off a long list of female emcees ranging from Canary Sing to Beloved One to Toni Hill who is featured on the Knox Fam Ep. There were so many names of people who who are putting out dope material there’s no excuse to not have a female on the ticket of any Hip Hop show. If you can’t find someone go to Seattle cause they rolling extra deep.

During the interview Julie C expanded upon the community projects that the group is committed to including the Hip Hop Congress Goes Platinum project which is a innovative fund raising tool for the organization.


She also talked about the concept behind the groups’ name Knox Fam. She said it was inspired by the movie Natural Born Killers and that the Knox Fam understands they have to Destroy to Build. In this case they are about breaking the chains and challenging the long held notions and paradigms that in many ways has stifled Hip Hop and communities in general.

For example, we talked about the fact that the album took more than a year to make… Once upon a time that was the norm. People took their time and perfected their craft. Nowadays in the days of instant gratification, people step in a studio literally freestyle an album in 10 minutes and put out half ass material. DJ B-Girl noted it was important to take time to do things right. For her its not just producing and editing, but also getting the business aspect correct. The Knox Fam is on an independent B-Girl media label.

Julie C added that the group did not want to compromise or shortchange their community activities. In fact if anything the community involvement helped make the group and album more accountable to the communities they wanna speak to..

All in all the Knox Fam EP is just a the start of great things to come from this talented trio from the Emerald City. Currently they are on tour and in keeping true to their words, their tour involvedthem connecting and building with local community centers. Julie C described it as a homecoming of sorts..

Belial A Unspoken

So here we have Belial A Unspoken, an up and comer from Tacoma. Gotta give credit where credit it due. Dude has flows. Don’t sleep. What you get is real talk and deep substance, so if lyrics is what you’re craving, check him out!

From his SoundCloud, “A 23 year old Tacoma based ginga bearded white boy tryna make it in the rap game. Hit my line for a collab or to talk music 🎶 Always ready for a challenge so let’s get it homie” Belial is working on a his debut album, so stayed tuned.

Rap Fame Profile

Facebook Page

Gangsta J

Gangsta J – Young Hog Bo$$ Hog (Seattle, 2005)

  1. Rags To Ritches
  2. Gingerbread Man Feat. Big Youngsta, Lil Slimeball Gauge (Dre Cross The Boss)
  3. Never Gave a Fuck Feat. Lil Slimeball (Dre Cross The Boss)
  4. Lost Casulties Feat. Slim Reaper, Tara & Mesha
  5. Got That Heat Feat. Mr. Major Brown Eye’s, Big Drop, Major, Saundra Smith & Tear Drop
  6. Gotta Get Mine Feat. Emperor P
  7. I Got Work
  8. Skit Feat. Carmen & Saundra Smith
  9. Let’s Ride Feat. Devious
  10. Front Back Feat. Saundra Smith
  11. Gangsta Gangsta
  12. Gangsta Radio Feat. Lil Gp & Lil Bg
  13. Money Skeam Feat. Dice
  14. Skit Feat. Major
  15. Can’t Go Back Feat. Major

Gangsta J – The Lost Tracks (Seattle, 2021)

  1. Real Life (feat. Highway Tone)
  2. Let’s Get Lit (feat. Dubb Solid)
  3. Bloody Gun Play (feat. Dre Cross)
  4. Letter To Devious

Peep other tracks on his YT page!

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